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Where are you located?

Riley-Gardner Memorial has thirteen outlet locations and is honored to be represented by one hundred and fifty funeral homes throughout Texas and Oklahoma.  Please go to our Locations and Authorized Representative pages to find an expert that can help you design the perfect memorial for your family.

How much does it cost to install a monument?

One of the benefits of buying a monument from Riley-Gardner Memorial is installation.  All installation of new monuments is included in our pricing and our foundation work is guaranteed for 10 years.  Riley-Gardner Memorial has 5 total installation crews that install our families’ monuments throughout Texas and Oklahoma. 

How long will it take you to produce and install our monument?

Ninety percent of the monuments we sell are kept in stock in our large warehouse and will take 60-90 days from approval, to production, to installation.  Some custom monuments, in standard non-premium colors which are not in stock, could take up to 90 - 120 days.  Custom sculptured monuments as well as custom premium colors will take 6 - 9 months from order to installation.

What if my monument is damaged in transit or while being installed?

Riley-Gardner Memorial is responsible for your monument from first contact to up to ten years from the time of purchase.  Riley-Gardner Memorial prides itself in taking care of our families and customers.

What makes your company different from others?

Riley-Gardner Memorial is a fourth generation, family owned, and operated business.  Many of our expert craftsman are family members of craftsman from past generations.  Family heritage and values have been close to our heart for many years as we strive to take care of our families with care and dignity throughout the memorialization process.

How long should we wait for the grave to settle after the time of death to purchase our monument?

This is not normally a problem.  Our standard order takes between sixty to ninety days to complete from approval to installation.  This normally will allow enough time.  If the monument becomes unleveled at any time within ten years we will come out and relevel it at no charge.

Do families normally memorialize when the loved one has been cremated?

We have sold many cremation monuments to families over the past few years.  Our belief is that it is important to memorialize a loved one, as it offers a location for family and friends to go and honor the deceased.  Memorialization has been shown to help families with closure when there is a loss of a loved one.  Memorialization also allows future generations the opportunity to find information about their ancestors.

My family has a certain design on their monuments that has been duplicated over the years.  Can you duplicate our design?

Yes we can.  Our artist are very skilled in monument duplication and have the tools and experience to duplicate your design.  Once the design has been duplicated we will be able to replicate the design for years to come.

What is the best material to memorialize with?

Granite is the hardest most durable product used for memorials.  Granite does not deteriorate with time.  Other materials such as marble can be used for memorials but is softer and can pick up stain and wear faster than granite.

Riley-Gardner Memorial and family believes in Quality Granite & Workmanship.  Our monuments come with a Mistake Proof Guarantee, 10-Year Foundation Guarantee, and a 10-Year Cost Replacement/Vandalism Guarantee.

We are a service company first and are here to help families tell the story of their loved ones to future generations.  Our sales representatives, designers, artists and staff understand the importance of crafting the perfect monument to honor your family and community.

We utilize technology along with time proven craftsmanship to offer you the best options for commemorating your loved one.
Our vision is to expand our incredible care and attention to detail to more people like you…loved ones and communities that understand the value of a lasting symbol.

Thank you, for trusting our family with yours.

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