Memorial Walkthrough


Picking out the Stone

At Riley-Gardner Memorial we carry the highest quality granite and marble in the industry. All of the stones that we carry have proven to withstand the outdoor elements in order to meet with our one of a kind guarantee. At each location and funeral home we have educated sales representatives who will guide you through the process.

Personalizing your Stone


Once a sales representative has met with you and discussed the options you have on creating your one-of-a kind stone, a designer will produce a computer generated proof of your memorial. We have multiple designers who specialize in creating all different types of memorials from general sandblast designs, to etchings, to fully sculpted memorials.

Ordering your Stone



Once you have approved the printout of your memorial, we send an order to the quarry for the stone from which to produce the memorial. This can take anywhere from two weeks to six months or longer as Riley-Gardner Memorial orders from quarries from all around the world.  In order to help speed this process up, Riley-Gardner Memorial stocks one of the largest inventories of granite in the industry.



Producing your Stone

Once we receive your stone from the quarry we cut a stencil mat from the design you approved. This stencil has three layers one which from the sandblast cannot penetrate, another which keeps the rubber stencil from stretching, and the last layer is an adhesive layer so the stencil will stick to the stone. The stencil is centered in position then laid out on the stone. All of the exposed areas of the stone are patched or covered to prevent the sandblast from damaging any other polished areas. The panels around lettering and the emblems or design work is then removed and put away for later use. 


The stone then goes into one of our three sandblasts that is filled with sintered bauxite grit which removes polish and leaves behind a bright panel to bring out lettering and design. Also at this time, if there is any shape carving to be done on the stone it will be hand done in another booth. After the panels have been completed a thin layer of glue is applied to the raw exposed areas. The panels are then placed back into these areas from which they were earlier removed. The lines and lettering and the replaced stencil are then pulled to leave behind the design that will be blasted deeply down into the stone. 


The stone is then pushed through the sandblast and painted int the final stage. The stencil is removed from the stone and the stone is washed and taken out to dry. This completes the production stage of the monument. this process is known as double processing, which produces the sharpest and longest lasting lettering. Not all memorial companies produce this way and it is very important to know that a single process stone will have lettering that fades at a much faster rate.  



Before we can create a laser stone the image must be input into a computer program.  This process is a very tedious and time consuming process; however, once we have an image we can duplicate the image as many times as needed.  The photo above shows the laser as it etches a stone.  Premium black is the only color that can be etched.  The laser heats the stone and removes the polish revealing the natural stone color before polishing.  This is what actually produces the images.

Setting Process

One of the most important and most commonly overlooked parts of creating a memorial is the installation.  Many Internet memorial companies claim to service areas thousands of miles from their location.  What they are not disclosing is that they are not going to install the memorial for the customer.  Riley-Gardner Memorial is proud to have some of the best and most experienced setters in the industry.  For this reason each memorial that we sell and install has a ten year foundation guarantee. 

Your stone is now completed.

For more information, please visit a retail location or choose to request a design.